Legends Of Tomorrow Season Finale Image Reveals Jax


With less than a week to go until Legends of Tomorrow‘s season finale arrives, it’s time we begin wrapping our heads around how much will be contained within that hour of television. I mean, not only will the team find themselves transported back to the Old West for the final battle against Mallus, but we’ve got some notable guest stars to look forward to seeing.

Already, we knew to expect the likes of Jonah Hex, John Constantine and Jefferson Jackson, but it’s the third hero we just mentioned that’ll be the focus of today’s discussion. You see, actor Franz Drameh made his exit from the series around the midseason mark, swiftly following in the footsteps of the other half of Firestorm, Victor Garber’s Martin Stein.

But unlike Stein, Jax is still among the living – albeit bereft of superpowers. As such, it quickly became apparent that it’d be difficult to find a way to keep him around, thus leading to his abrupt departure. Of course, I and other Arrowverse fans thought we didn’t have enough time to acclimate to the change or say goodbye.

Right now, the parameters of Jax’s return remain a mystery, but the image we have here teases that he’ll be among those putting in an appearance in the Old West. All we can tell is that he’ll seemingly do his best Revolver Ocelot impersonation.

Anyways, check it out for yourself in the gallery below along with some other photos from the finale:

Like we said, there’ll be a lot going on in the concluding episode, which executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently commented on by saying:

“[The finale is] balls-out craziness. It really feels like a real finale in that respect and we really draw together almost every thread and character that we’d established over the course of the third season. And yes, that includes Beebo. Beebo will make a phenomenal return that is quite awesome.”

Be sure to catch the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow next Monday, April 9 on The CW.

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