Lena Dunham Reunites With Her Girls In New Trailer For Season 5


Four years deep and the first trailer for HBO’s Girls season 5 proves that, despite countless ups, downs and life lessons, Lena Dunham and her tight-knit group continue to learn that friendship is forever complicated. But, c’est la vie. Part of the reason the network’s smash hit dramedy has drawn some much praise is its refreshingly honest portrayal of women navigating their early 20s – warts and all. And that’s a running thread that will continue apace with the next stint of episodes.

Set for a premiere in February of 2016, it is Marnie’s (Allison Williams) imminent wedding that will act as one of the core focal points of Girls season 5, as each member of the group comes to terms with entering a new phase of their lives. Beyond that, there’s also the continuing journey of Shoshanna’s life in Japan, while today’s trailer offers a fleeting glimpse of Adam Driver’s returning character, fresh from his turn on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Whether we’re beginning to see HBO’s Girls draw to a close remains to be seen; after all, Dunham has teased that season 6 could see the beloved show make its final bow. That will largely hinge on the viewing figures for 2016’s new run, and we imagine that the network will be keen to spin out as many cooky and humiliating humor from the core cast as possible.

Girls season 5 will premiere on HBO come Sunday, February 21, and you can share your early impressions of the debut trailer via the comments section below.