Lena Headey Says She Wanted A Better Death For Cersei On Game Of Thrones


Man, so, how about that Game of Thrones, huh? I remember, back in the day, how people were so excited that this amazing, fantastic, nigh flawless show was still going strong, and how jacked people were to see it all headed to its presumably bloody conclusion.

Then, when said concluding season was on the television, every week I would watch from afar as my friends would bitch and bemoan the downfall of their soap opera. Twitter was aflame, as was Aaron Rodgers, apparently. But fans, do not worry; the stars of the show feel your pain, especially one Lena Headey, who wishes her mean queen got a better send-off into the afterlife.

Headey, who portrayed big bad Cersei Lannister, echoed many a fan’s sentiment at how poorly her character played out. After being mostly absent from the final season, that throne sitter everyone loved to hate wound up crushed under a pile of rubble while cuddled up in her brother’s incestuous arms. That sounds…anticlimactic, to say the least.

“Obviously, you dream of your death,” Headey starts during an interview with The Guardian, “You could go in any way on that show, so I was kind of gutted,” she continued.

She should have said she was crushed, but I digress. The actress admits she hasn’t talked to the writer-directors David Benioff and Dan Weiss just yet, but that when she does, she “will say she wanted a better death.”

Even as someone with only a cursory knowledge of the show, all gained secondhand through friends or partners, the way the series kinda fizzled out would piss me off, too. I can’t imagine investing almost a decade into something only to have it come crashing down right as everything was supposed to be coming together. Granted, it is TV, and most shows tend to die after a while, creatively speaking. It just seems like D&D were not up to the task, or possibly more enamored with making a Star Wars trilogy than continuing in the land of Westeros.

Heck, even Jon Snow had to check into rehab after the show ended. Lena let loose that the actors are all “on a giant WhatsApp group which is a daily pile-on,” she says. “It’s hilarious. You can tell who’s been drinking on that one.”

I’m sure that conversation mirrors many other drunken, fan-led tirades on social media. Maybe folks can take solace in the fact that the actors who portrayed characters they grew to love, despise, or both over the years, also feel the same sense of disappointment they do, as well. But hey, Game of Thrones is over. Let’s move on to the next media obsession.

Source: The Guardian

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