Lennie James Not Ruling Out A Return To The Walking Dead For Morgan


Bringing Morgan Jones over to Fear The Walking Dead was not only a carefully orchestrated collaboration, but it was also Lennie James’ decision to leave The Walking Dead behind for pastures anew.

The actor admitted that the historic crossover can be traced back to a conversation he had with Scott Gimple, executive producer and former showrunner of The Walking Dead who has since been tasked with overseeing the entire AMC franchise.

And though James is now getting ready to make the jump over to Fear, it seems as if we shouldn’t rule out a return to the hit series for him at some point in the future. Speaking to Hollywood Life ahead of tonight’s big double-header, the actor was asked if Morgan will one day be back on The Walking Dead, and here’s what he had to say:

“Somebody asked Andy [Lincoln] this question, so I am gonna go with his answer because it seems to be a safe answer because it’s already kind of out there. As Andy says, I don’t think the story between, about the relationship between Rick and Morgan, is over yet.”

Though far from firm confirmation that we’ll see James’ character return, we imagine that if there really was no chance for him to show up on The Walking Dead again, he would’ve just come out and said that. As such, the fact that both him and Lincoln have played coy on the topic leads us to believe that perhaps there’s something in the works.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, though, as AMC hasn’t commented on the matter just yet, and likely won’t for some time. At the moment, the focus is clearly being kept on the big night ahead of us tonight, when the two zombie dramas will collide in spectacular fashion, as The Walking Dead season 8 reaches its conclusion and Fear The Walking Dead season 4 begins, paving the way for a seamless transition between one show and the next.

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