Leon Kennedy Features In First Photo From Netflix’s Resident Evil Series


UPDATE: It turns out that this was just an April Fools joke and the photo is not real.

Love them or hate them, Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil movies exist. Though I admittedly dug the first and fourth installments, as a fan of the games, I didn’t care for the live action film franchise by and large. The CGI flicks produced by Capcom, however, are the cat’s pajamas in my book.

As you may have heard, Netflix is supposed to take a stab at the beloved survival horror series in the very near future – and, thankfully, they’re said to be ignoring the movies. Call me crazy, but I’d hoped to see the original game faithfully adapted in serialized form, though it appears that’s not what’s coming together.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, a photo has leaked from the set, and it shows Leon Kennedy ready to kick some ass. Seen below, the former RPD officer is sporting the jacket we’ve grown accustomed to him wearing since Resident Evil 4.

Aside from saying that the show’s supposedly premiering around Halloween 2019, CBM hasn’t served up any other details. Of course, this image has now incited speculation that RE4‘s story will serve as the basis for the series, but let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. After all, this could be an original tale starring Leon.

Regardless, this makes for an exciting prospect. Considering how Leon is one of the most popular Resident Evil characters overall, it’d be pretty damn cool to see him getting his due in the live action realm after being grossly misused in Retribution. Nothing against actor Johann Urb, but Paul W.S. Anderson just didn’t know how to write for the character, and probably pulled images from a Google image search for inspiration (hence the coat from RE 4‘s “fog build” being used). This, my friends, could be what the doctor ordered.

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