Life-Size Baby Yoda Figure Now Available To Pre-Order For Reasonable Price

Baby Yoda

If there’s one thing that Star Wars has really been able to capitalize on, it’s the franchise’s never-ending stream of cute and cuddly creatures. Return of the Jedi gave us Ewoks. The Last Jedi brought the world Porgs. And now, The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda has been taking the internet by storm. Which isn’t too surprising, either, as Yoda is one of the series’ most popular characters and no one can deny that “The Child” is pretty adorable by comparison.

However, despite his incredible popularity, there’s been a distinct lack of merchandise, especially since The Mandalorian arrived on Disney Plus just before the holiday season. Sure, there’ve been a few toys and other products on sale recently, but we already know that Disney ended up losing millions of dollars by delaying production of most of the merch.

That’s all about to change though as more is on the way and that includes this stunning new Baby Yoda life-size figure. The “1:1 scale collectible stands at 16.5” tall on a simple black podium” and costs a reasonable $350. It’s now available to pre-order via the link below and we suggest you grab it quickly as it’s sure to be a hot item.

As exciting as this is, we imagine there’s still a lingering worry over at Disney HQ that they’ve missed out on the big bucks from the Christmas season. Everyone’s still deeply in love with Baby Yoda, true, but it’s likely that a figure such as this one would’ve sold like crazy during the holidays.

And though the studio still has big plans for the character going forward, it seems as if this initial burst of popularity might taper off just a little bit by the time the bulk of the merchandise hits store shelves. That being said, we’re still pleased to see that more is arriving over the coming months and you can bet we’ll be putting our money down for this new life-size figure.