Live-Action Final Fantasy TV Show Reportedly Coming To Netflix

Final Fantasy

Fans of Square Enix’s flagship Final Fantasy franchise could soon find themselves experiencing the games’ many, many adventures in an all-new way. As reported earlier today by Giant Freakin Robot, “trusted and proven” sources have informed the site that a live-action adaptation of the world-renowned RPG is currently in the works at Netflix. True or not, we couldn’t possibly say, though, considering the near-total lack of accompanying information, we’d certainly recommend taking the news with a massive pinch of salt.

It is worth noting, however, that the aforementioned streaming platform has made no secret of its current mission to acquire rights from various video game publishers, with the likes of Castlevania and Monster Hunter already part of its arsenal. Following yesterday’s report published by Variety, the company has most recently added none other than Pokémon to that ever-growing list, so this latest rumor isn’t outlandish by any stretch of the imagination.

Assuming everything up to this point does prove true, it’ll be interesting to see how Netflix decides to approach a Final Fantasy show, especially if it’s live-action. Square, after all, has made several such attempts (albeit via exclusive use of CGI) over the years, with varying results. Advent Children and, most recently, Kingsglaive, are both generally agreed to be serviceable accompaniments to the games on which they’re based, though who’s to say future endeavors will follow the same format?

Similar to 2001’s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the intent this time around could be to deliver a never-before-told story featuring several recurring themes (summons, Chocobos, character names, etc.) found throughout the entire franchise, but what do you think? Sound off in the usual place below!