Loki Concept Art Reveals Deleted Rocket Raccoon Cameo


Loki squeezed a load of awesome easter eggs into its six-episode first season, including everything from Frog Thor to the Thanos-Copter. But it turns out we could’ve had one of the frikkin’ Guardians of the Galaxy in the show too, but their cameo was ultimately cut. This bombshell was revealed in the latest episode of Marvel Studios Assembled, which explores The Making of Loki. At one point, the special unveils some intriguing concept art.

The concept art in question covers a scene from episode 1 in which Tom Hiddleston’s trickster is taken for processing in the TVA. This artwork makes clear that the original concept for this scene was to have Loki join a huge line of other Variants, clad in identical inmate uniforms. The line appears to be mostly made up of Ravagers – and among them is everyone’s favorite wisecracking trash panda, Rocket!

It’s unlikely we would’ve got a Bradley Cooper vocal cameo here or anything, but having Rocket turn up in this scene could have been a great moment – and one that you know would’ve gone viral on Twitter. As it happens, it looks like it was decided to streamline this sequence completely to save on costs. In the scene as shot, there is no line and a humorous situation develops as an irritated Loki still has to take a number and wait his turn.

This is the second cameo we’ve discovered was deleted from episode 1. We’d previously learned that Frog Thor, who made a brief appearance in episode 5, was to have been introduced in a more prominent way in the pilot, with the amphibious Asgardian beating the heck out of Loki. Here’s hoping both of these concepts will get carried over into season 2, whenever that arrives.

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