Loki Director Reveals The Marvel Movie She’d Love To Make


In order to make each new installment stand out from the pack, the Marvel Cinematic Universe largely tends to mix up its directorial talent, at least when it comes to the feature films. By the end of Phase Four, Jon Favreau, the Russo brothers, James Gunn, Peyton Reed, Jon Watts, Taika Waititi and Ryan Coogler will be the only filmmakers to have helmed more than one movie in the series, out of 36 blockbusters in total if you include Deadpool 3 and the Blade reboot.

On the small screen, though, Marvel has moved away from the traditional multi-director model to have one person oversee every episode of the first three Disney Plus exclusives. Matt Shakman’s WandaVision, Kari Skogland’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Kate Herron’s Loki all benefited from a consistent visual aesthetic, but even though the latter is getting a second season, Herron has confirmed she won’t be returning.

However, in a new interview Herron was pitched the idea of a slasher movie focusing on the unnervingly upbeat and surprisingly creepy Miss Minutes, something she’d definitely be on board with.

“I would love to! That would actually be my dream.”

Something about Miss Minutes didn’t sit right with audiences, and given that the holographic timepiece appeared at the Citadel at the End of Time to tease the impending introduction of He Who Remains, the character played by voice acting royalty Tara Strong seemed to be fully aware of what the Time Variance Authority really was, and who was pulling the strings.

It’s a hilarious idea for a short-form spinoff, and seeing as Herron claims her MCU days are over for now, it might be the only way to tempt her back into the fold after her stint on Loki brought such critical acclaim, sending her out on a huge high note.