New Loki Easter Egg Reveals Thanos’ Homeworld


With four episodes still to go until Marvel’s latest Disney Plus exclusive wraps up, Loki has plenty of time to make waves in the established canon. If the near-endless deluge of fan theories (coupled with hints provided by Kevin Feige) doing the rounds online are any indication, in fact, the series is going to represent a monumental turning point in the MCU when all is said and done, no doubt as a result of some unsanctioned timeline manipulation carried out by the God of Mischief (or a Variant) himself.

It would seem, however, that the show isn’t just in the business of unfurling future narrative threads but exploring events of the ancient past, too. Indeed, in the premiere alone, Loki’s first encounter with the TVA raises numerous questions about the wider cosmos, his role in the Sacred Timeline and how the chronology of the universe itself might not play out linearly. The first tip-off for this comes by way of an informative video played in the TVA’s Variant waiting room and narrated by Miss Minutes.

Besides claiming that the Time-Keepers created the TVA in order to prevent a multiversal war (this conflict is never referred to in the past tense), various annotative cartoons depicting violations of cosmic laws are displayed, including that which you see below.

As pointed out by MCU Direct, the illustration’s environment bears an uncanny resemblance to Thanos’ homeworld of Titan, with the two belligerents warring over control of the planet sharing physical attributes of the Kree and Chitauri. According to the Mad Titan’s own recollection of events, Saturn’s once-prosperous moon became the wasteland seen in Endgame as a result of overpopulation, explaining his reasons for gathering the Infinity Stones.

Is the sugarcoated bloodshed shown by Miss Minutes in Loki a retelling of history, then, or a foreshadowing of what’s to come? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!