Loki Episode 4 Rumored To Introduce The Multiverse For The First Time


Get ready, Marvel fans, it’s almost time for another episode of Loki, and this week’s installment – the fourth out of six – could be the most significant one of the series to date. A new rumor is pointing to the show potentially crossing a massive threshold for the MCU and finally introducing the concept of the multiverse into the franchise.

This rumor was first pitched by a relatively untested source – Twitter user @JLStacks – however Small Screen notes that their own intel is pointing to much the same thing.

“This week’s #Loki episode will change EVERYTHING in the MCU…” the tweet shared. “Hearing that the timeline will be seriously altered and the #Mulitverse will be officially introduced in the MCU.”

Feel free to be skeptical about this rumor, as Marvel fans have raised their hopes several times now that the multiverse was on its way only to be proven wrong – see Spider-Man: Far From Home and WandaVision. However, it’s a fact that the other dimensions are abut to collide with the MCU in this December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and next March’s Doctor Strange 2. The concept has to be introduced sometime soon, then, so why not on tomorrow’s episode of Loki?

What’s more, it’s conceivable how it could happen. Episode 2 ended with Sylvie fracturing the Sacred Timeline, creating countless branched realities. Episode 3 then ignored that major plot thread, as it was mostly a two-hander between the two tricksters, but with the pair about to be re-captured by the TVA this will have to be addressed. Sylvie may have caused too much damage for them to fix, thereby sowing the seeds for the Multiverse of Madness to come.

Remember, Loki showrunner Michael Waldron also penned the script for Doctor Strange 2, and he’s previously teased that he was able to set up some things in the Tom Hiddleston show and then pay them off himself in the Benedict Cumberbatch sequel. The debut of some multiversal mayhem genuinely could be about to occur, then. But, again, we probably shouldn’t raise our hopes up too high.

Don’t miss Loki episode 4 on Disney Plus this Wednesday.