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‘Loki’ season 2 trailer inspires hopes it could be Marvel’s most unique Disney Plus series

It has the one thing that its fellow episodic Marvel shows don't.

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The hype train for Loki just had a record amount of coal shoveled into it, with the official trailer for the show’s second season having dropped earlier today, and the straits are looking as dire as ever for the god of mischief and his plucky band of TVA rebels. Indeed, it may not be quite as harrowing as Marvel’s quest to scrub Secret Invasion from our minds, but Loki has his work cut out for him nevertheless.

In any case, the second season certainly looks set to stand out in a sea of deviant Disney Plus content, with Loki being the first Disney-era Marvel show to receive more than one season, to say nothing of the distinct weirdness baked into its backdrop and in-universe nuances.

And just as well, too; the shakeup brought by multiple seasons of a television show could be exactly what the MCU needs right now, and the folks of r/marvelstudios are already beginning to peg Loki as the secret MVP of the Multiverse Saga.

Indeed, with Loki caught smack dab in the middle of the multiverse’s volatile state, it’s his story that will likely go the longest way in roping together what’s been a relatively discordant endeavor for the MCU, and it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if season two isn’t the last we see of Tom Hiddleston’s solo showcase.

It would certainly be one of the smarter moves made by Marvel if this is its plan; if anyone is capable of matching the fan-favorite status of someone like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man or Chris Evans’ Captain America, it would have to be Hiddleston and his long-beloved turn as god of mischief, and with the OG Avengers effectively being a thing of the past now, who better to place the weight of this saga on?

Loki is available to stream on Disney Plus. Season two will air its first episode on Oct. 6.

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