‘Loki’ star reveals who’s scarier between Harley Quinn and Miss Minutes

Tara Strong is one of the most prolific voice actors in the business and has played countless iconic animated characters across her career. For superhero genre fans, she’s traditionally best known for her portrayal of Harley Quinn in various animated movies, TV shows and video games. But this year, Strong crossed over from the DC universe to the Marvel world to play Miss Minutes in Loki.

The holographic cartoon clock started out as the cute mascot of the Time Variance Authority, but the season finale of the Disney Plus show revealed that Miss Minutes was a lot more sinister than she appeared and was actually loyal to He Who Remains and not the TVA itself. While speaking to ComicBook.com, then, Strong was asked who was scariest out of Miss Minutes and the Joker’s girlfriend. The star didn’t hesitate before answering:

“Miss Minutes is way scarier than Harley. You know she’s the brains, you know she’s behind everything, right?” Strong said.

Strong went on to admit that she was just joking about Miss Minutes being the brains of the operation as she actually has never had any idea what’s next for the character each step of the way, going on to recall how she was kept in the dark about the nature of the project she was auditioning for at first.

“I just don’t really know,” Strong continued. “Like when I auditioned for that show, I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what world she would be existing in, and I didn’t know what exactly it was till I booked it and I was on the Zoom with all the team at the MCU and I was like ‘oh my god, this is Loki.’ And even with that I was like, ‘Well, how sentient is she, how much does she know here?’ And it was all like sort of revealed as we went and I actually don’t know, ultimately, who runs the TVA. I don’t really know. So, I can, you know, joke that I think it should be her. Also, she needs her own spin off and feature and you know, flip to an on-camera version and I should play it.”

As unhinged as Harley can be sometimes, it’s probably fair to say that Miss Minutes is scarier as Harls has never been responsible for an iconic jump-scare moment like that one in the Loki finale. As for where she could go moving forward, He Who Remains might’ve been killed by Sylvie, but Miss Minutes will surely return in Loki season 2, seeing as she’s been such a big hit with fans. Next time, she may have switched her allegiance to Kang the Conqueror, HWR’s variant who’s now taken control of the TVA.