Loki EP Says The Character Being Gender-Fluid Wasn’t Up For Debate


Some might consider Marvel’s decision to introduce Lady Loki in the MCU as bold and daring, but the truth is that even the original version of the character found in Norse mythology has always been gender-fluid.

The second episode of the ongoing Loki series on Disney+ surprised fans this week by bringing in an evil female iteration of the character as the variant that has been going around different timelines making life hell for the TVA personnel. We still don’t know how this version of the God of Mischief, or the Goddess of Mischief, as it were, came to be, though, or whether her ultimate purpose is as sinister as we’re led to believe, especially considering the fact that the whole deal with the Time-Keepers seems fishy, to say the least.

Still, fans have had different reactions to the groundbreaking reveal, but apparently, the question of Loki being gender-fluid was never up for debate at Marvel Studios. According to lead writer Michael Waldron in a recent chat with Collider, there’s no denying that gender-fluidity has historically been a major aspect of the character.

“I think that’s canon for this character going back to Norse mythology and everything. That’s an important part of who this character is and certainly who he represents to such a large part of the fanbase and everything, so never a debate on that at all.”

In the mythological canon, Loki commonly appears as a male figure, but there’ve also been several instances where the God of Mischief uses his powers to shape-shift and take on new identities. The character once turned himself into one of Thor’s handmaidens, and there are also tales wherein Loki retains his female form for years.

In the interest of not forcing diversity, this has actually turned out brilliantly for MCU boss Kevin Feige, who’s repeatedly expressed a desire to diversify Marvel in the cinematic domain. And as for the narrative of Loki or the bigger picture, we’ll have to wait and see the implications of this reveal for ourselves when the show returns next week on June 23rd.