Loki Episode 2 Ending Explained


The second episode of Loki shocked fans by revealing the true identity of the God of Mischief’s evil variant. Not only that, but the narrative has made it perfectly clear that we can’t quite trust the TVA’s story about the Sacred Timeline, either. But what do the final moments of episode 2 mean for the future of the series?

Well, we start off with a team of TVA Minutemen investigating an anomaly in 1985. To no one’s surprise, the mysterious antagonist appears once again and slaughters the group, leaving only the commander alive and taking her away. Back at the TVA, Loki and Mobius are still struggling to find a common ground as the organization doesn’t trust the Asgardian prince, but Mobius nonetheless convinces them to give him a chance.

Through the God of Mischief’s genius, the pair manage to trace the evil time variant to the year 2050 and in Alabama. As the Task Force searches the massive shopping centre for signs of the villain, Loki finds his evil self first and has a heart to heart before realizing that the big bad wants to blow up the complex and kill them all.

Ultimately, we learn that their plan is not to murder the officers, but rather use their reset charges to bomb the Sacred Timeline and branch reality. And yet, the most shocking twist amid all these revelations is the fact that the variant is not Loki, or at least not Loki as we know him in the MCU. This version of the sinister god is a woman, aka Lady Loki from the comics.

What she plans to do with reality is unclear at the moment, but we know that she doesn’t intend to negotiate with the shady Time-Keepers. Speaking of whom, Loki and Mobius discuss the existence of these seemingly omnipotent beings at length throughout the episode, neatly tipping off viewers that there may be more to their story than we currently know.

Of course, some fans are currently arguing that this may not be the female version of Thor’s brother, but a different character altogether. To know for sure, though, we’re going to have to wait and see for ourselves when Loki returns next week on June 23rd.