MCU Fans Left Confused By New Episode Of Loki


In the plainest of terms, time travel can always be a headf*ck to try and figure out, especially when it’s also dealing with the idea of multiple alternate realities branching out from one Sacred Timeline, all taking place as part of a TV series featuring a lead character who’s technically dead but escaped from 2012 before he ended up getting murdered a few years down the line, although he’s now fully aware of that fact having watched himself die. Got it? Cool, because that’s roughly where we’re at when the second episode of Loki begins.

From there, though, creator Michael Waldron was keen to double down on both the weirdness and the craziness, so there’s an awful lot left to unpack after the second installment premiered on Disney Plus today. In fact, things got so dense that there was literally a lengthy scene of Tom Hiddleston’s trickster using salt and pepper shakers, along with Mobius M. Mobius’ lunchtime salad, to explain some theories of his own.

The sophomore episode also ended on the huge but completely unexpected reveal that Sophia Di Martino was playing Lady Loki, but as you can see from the reactions below, a lot of fans were left pretty confused with everything by the time the credits rolled.

Episode 2 also leaned into the procedural elements, with Loki imagining what he would do in the exact same situation as his counterpart even giving it a kind of Mindhunter vibe in places, and that’s without mentioning the bizarre sight of the Asgardian god and his TVA handler journeying back to Pompeii right before the infamous volcano exploded, just to prove a point. Things are about to get a lot more confusing, then, especially now that we’ve got a much better idea of what the variant is capable of.