Loki Fans Going Crazy As The Show’s Villain Is Revealed


Loki dropped its second episode on Disney Plus this Wednesday, and it was a big one. After teasing that the shadowy villain the TVA is after was an evil Loki variant last week, this outing saw them show their face to Tom Hiddleston’s reformed trickster. And it looks like all those fan theories might be true.

Based on Loki’s expert thinking, the TVA manage to corner the villain – or so they think. In actual fact, she – yes, she – had lured them there as part of her own plans to disrupt the Sacred Timeline. And after initially speaking through possessed individuals, she finally unveiled herself to Loki.

It turns out that it was Sophia Di Martino’s character, who we’ve previously glimpsed in set pics. And while it’s not totally spelled out, most fans are now taking her to be Lady Loki and they’re certainly here for it. In fact, Lady Loki has been trending on Twitter as folks share their excitement online at the gender-flipped God of Mischief (possibly) entering the MCU.

This meme has never been more accurate.

Or this one.

Some things never change.

Imagine the damage they could do if they ever met.

Here’s the thing, though. Some folks are confused at why the dark-haired Loki would have a blonde female counterpart. What if she’s not Lady Loki after all?

This has put people in mind of the blonde-haired Enchantress, another character rumored to appear in the show.

Specifically, the Sylvie Lushton version of Enchantress is a strong contender due to her close connection to Loki in the comics.

Remember, would Loki really treat Loki like that?

Loki might’ve revealed its true villain a lot earlier than WandaVision did with Agatha Harkness, but it’s still playing the long game with the specific details about the character. And seeing as episode 2 ended with the God of Mischief following Di Martino through a time portal, we should hopefully get some solid answers on if she’s Lady Loki, Enchantress or someone else next week.