Loki Episode 1’s Credits Spoiled The Mystery Villain’s Identity


The Loki premiere gave Marvel fans a lot to chew over. Not least the revelation that the shady villain the TVA is trying to hunt down is actually another Variant of the Asgardian trickster himself. We even got a glimpse of the rogue God of Mischief in action in the episode’s final scene, though they were completely obscured by a cloak. The pilot might not have spelled it out, then, but the answer is revealed if you pay attention to the credits.

If you look at the cast list for the premiere, it can be seen that Sarah Irwin is credited as “Variant Double.” That immediately reveals that the evil Loki Variant is female, thereby confirming all those theories that the series will feature Lady Loki. These particularly gained steam when British actress Sophia Di Martino was cast in the show in a mystery role and sure enough, an Instagram post on Di Martino’s account makes clear that Irwin is her stunt double.

So, there you have it, it seems the mystery is solved. As fans had suspected, the villain of the piece is Di Martino’s Lady Loki. This revelation was foreshadowed by that promo released just ahead of the pilot which confirmed Loki was gender-fluid.

In the comics, Lady Loki was born when Thor’s brother took over the body of Sif. Seeing as Jaime Alexander isn’t playing the character in the MCU, though, it appears her origins have been changed for the screen. One possible outcome is that she could be an alternate Loki from elsewhere in the multiverse.

In any case, given that this twist was so easily deduced – shoutout to ScreenRant for the detective work – hopefully it’s something that will be addressed in the very next episode of the series so that we’re not ahead of the game for too long.

Don’t miss Loki as it continues with its second episode this Wednesday, June 16th.