Loki Episode 2 Credits Secretly Revealed [SPOILERS] Real Identity


Loki episode 2 debuted on Disney Plus today, and it unveiled the face of the show’s main villain. Yes, the evil Loki variant causing dangerous disruptions to the Sacred Timeline was revealed to be Sophia Di Martino’s character. Though this wasn’t spelled out in the episode itself, from the way she’s being presented, Marvel fans are assuming she must be Lady Loki. However, those who watched and paid attention to the full credits have discovered a piece of evidence that suggests otherwise.

Fans have noticed that the credits for the international dubbed versions of episode 2, which play after the regular credits finish, accidentally reveal a major twist that’s still to come. For example, one set of credits doesn’t list Di Martino’s character as the Variant or Lady Loki but instead calls her “Sylvie.”

Those with comic book knowledge quickly deduced that this must mean the woman we thought was Lady Loki is actually Sylvie Lushton, the second Enchantress.

Some scoured IMDb for further evidence and also found that The Walking Dead‘s Cailey Fleming is due to play a young Sylvie in a later episode.

Red flags were immediately drawn when Di Martino’s “Lady Loki” took down her hood and revealed that she had blonde hair, which isn’t a very Loki-like characteristic. If you think about the clues surrounding her identity in episode 2, they do point to Enchantress as well. For instance, when she speaks to Tom Hiddleston’s trickster by possessing others, he calls the power “enchantment.” Her magic also manifests with a green glow – yes, this is Loki’s color, but it’s associated with Enchantress, too.

In the comics, Sylvie was an ordinary Earth woman who was given Asgardian abilities by Loki, basically just for a laugh. It’s currently unclear how she can be both a Loki variant and Enchantress at this stage, but assuming these international credits are correct, that’s what she is. With any luck, Loki episode 3 will clear up the confusion when it drops on Disney Plus next Wednesday.