Lupin Star Confirms Part 3 Is In Development At Netflix


Having exploded onto the scene when the first five episodes dropped in January of this year, Lupin went on to become an international phenomenon. Part 2 may have only arrived last Friday, but the stylish crime caper is already established as Netflix’s biggest foreign-language series, and the latest outing for Omar Sy’s Assane Diop has remained in the global Top 10 most-watched list ever since it premiered eight days ago.

Part 1 drew in an estimated 70 million streams to go down as the platform’s third most-watched original show ever behind only Bridgerton and The Witcher, and there’s no reason why it can’t continue in such an impressive vein. The performances are solid across the board, the plot is full of twist and turns, the writing is intelligent and the production values are high, so it’s got everything you could possibly want, with the five-episode model making it perfect for binge viewing as well.

In a turn of events that could hardly be described as surprising, then, Sy took to social media after fans followed a breadcrumb trail left online to confirm the news of a third outing, as you can see below.


Lupin Part 3 could be something of a soft reboot for the premise, at least looking at how the most recent run ended. Assane finally outwitted his archenemy Hubert Pellegrini and had him confess to corruption, proving the innocence of the hero’s father in the process. Unfortunately, he’s still the most wanted man in France, but left his ex-wife and son a signal and a map before fleeing into the night, so they’ve got a way to track him down if they get into any more trouble, which is highly likely to happen given what we’ve seen so far.