Madame Masque And More Added To The Cast Of Agent Carter Season 2


Following her appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter became a fan-favourite character who would go on to star in her own One-Shot and make appearances in Ant-Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She’s also taken the lead in her own TV series, and after a well-received first season, it will return early next year.

If you weren’t already excited about that, the latest additions to the cast of Agent Carter should change your mind. Wynn Everett (The Newsroom) is set to play Whitney Frost, a character comic book fans will know best as one of Iron Man’s foes in the present day Marvel Universe. In the show, she’ll be a Hollywood actress and brilliant inventor. Whether we’ll see her take a villainous turn or don that iconic mask remains to be seen, but the Agent Carter producers seem enthusiastic about what the character will bring to the series:

“Whitney Frost is a character with a storied history in the Marvel comics, and we’re excited to get the opportunity to introduce her to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Inspired by Hollywood icons like Hedy Lamarr and Lauren Bacall, we knew we needed an actor who was classically glamorous and fiercely intelligent. Wynn is both, and we’re thrilled to watch her bring this formidable character to life.”

Two other fairly notable additions to Agent Carter are Currie Graham (Raising the Bar) as Frost’s husband, Calvin Chadwick, a high-powered businessman, and Lotte Verbeek (Outlander) as Ana Jarvis, the free-spirited wife of Edwin Jarvis, who immediately befriends Peggy and helps her adjust to life in Los Angeles. Finally, Peggy may be getting a new love interest in Reggie Austin’s (Devious Maids) Jason Wilkes, a quirky, yet charismatic scientist who instantly charms Peggy. It’s also been confirmed that Dominic Cooper and Bridget Regan will return as Howard Stark and Dottie Underwood.

With the action moving from New York to Los Angeles, season two of Agent Carter is shaping up to be a fair bit different to what’s come before, and these new characters should definitely shake things up in a major way. It’s a shame in some ways that Masque is being used here rather than on the big screen, but with no sign of Iron Man 4, hopefully the show can do something great with her.