Maisie Williams On Game Of Thrones Season 7: “People Should Be Very, Very Excited”

Game of Thrones Arya

Ever since HBO’s adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire first graced the screen back in 2011, each season of Game of Thrones is promoted to be more intense – more dramatic – than the last. The upcoming season 7 is no different.

Angled as the first in HBO’s two-season finale, the seventh run of Game of Thrones is expected to premiere sometime this summer. That’s a little later than the show’s typical release window – you can blame unfavorable weather conditions for that one – but the excitement generated by HBO’s fantasy flagship is still palpable. And for good reason, according to Maisie Williams.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Morning Show (via Screen Rant) the Arya Stark actress teased the “great finale” season 7 has in store, which will seemingly have us wanting more the moment it draws to a close – so, just like every other Game of Thrones season before it, then.

“It’s just a great finale and it makes me excited for the series after. ‘Cause I’m, like, one season ahead of everyone else and so I get the scripts and it’s all really exciting ’cause it’s all stuff that no one’s seen before but then as soon as you’ve read it, you’re like, ‘but I want the next season now.’… People should be very, very excited.”

HBO has earmarked Game of Thrones season 7 for a premiere later this year before the eighth and final batch of episodes graces the small screen in 2018. Despite the initial target of 13 episodes, it’s now believed that the finale cooked up by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss may run a little longer than expected. Either way, HBO is already dreaming up ways to mine Westeros for additional stories, with the latest report claiming that the network is more inclined to order prequel series as opposed to an out-and-out spinoff.