The Mandalorian Debunks Major Baby Yoda Theory In Latest Episode


The season finale of The Mandalorian draws near and with it, Dyn Jarren and the Child find themselves in a difficult situation with the remnants of the Empire.

Chapter 7: The Reckoning” saw Mando gather a team to face off against an Imperial army led by the Client. While the show prominently featured standalone stories that depicted Mando traveling across the galaxy and accepting jobs as a bounty hunter, the latest episode brought a number of characters from before to fight against the threat of Imperial forces that are searching for the Child.

One of these lovable characters is an Ugnaught known as Kuill who not only fixes the IG-11 droid unit to help against the Empire but also reveals an interesting piece of information about Baby Yoda, shedding some light on the character’s mysterious background and also settling a major fan theory that’s been circulating online for the past couple of weeks.

Kuill claims that the Child is not a product of genetic engineering or cloning, a process he’s familiar with as a result of his time with the Imperial hierarchy. This means that Baby Yoda is not actually a clone of Yoda, as some fans would have us contemplate, and is merely another member of his mysterious race.

One interesting detail is the fact that The Mandalorian confirms the Empire had been working on cloning, which might somehow explain Palpatine’s return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, though it also debunks previous speculation that theorized Baby Yoda is the key to defeating Darth Sidious.

In any case, the adorable creature instantly won over the hearts of Star Wars fans when he made his debut on the show and has since gone viral on the internet, hugely boosting the demand for merchandise and significantly increasing audience awareness for the series. Some reports have even said that the Child will eventually turn into the new Yoda-figure for the franchise.

As for his fate in The Mandalorian, well, we’ll only have to wait and watch the last episode on December 27th to find out.