The Mandalorian Theory Says The Krayt Dragon Saved Boba Fett’s Life

Boba Fett

Even though his first appearance occurred in the derided Star Wars Holiday Special, Boba Fett quickly managed to overcome the stigma of being associated with the worst thing that the franchise ever produced and established himself as one of that galaxy far, far away’s most enduring cult favorites, despite a relative lack of screen time.

Fans were over the moon when rumors began circulating that Temuera Morrison would be returning as the legendary bounty hunter in The Mandalorian, and while his armor showed up in the possession of Timothy Olyphant’s Cobb Vanth, the season 2 premiere ended with a grizzled Boba looking like he had revenge on his mind.

The last we saw of Fett, he was thrown into a Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi to face certain doom, but we now know that not only did he survive, but his armor ended up in the hands of the Jawas. Furthermore, a new theory speculates that the Krayt Dragon is actually the reason he managed to escape alive, after it was hinted that the massive creature has no issues feasting on a Sarlacc.

We also know that his jetpack is still functional after Mando uses it to send Vanth hurtling out of danger, and if the Krayt Dragon did decide that it was hungry for Sarlacc meat, Boba could have realistically flown himself out before discarding his battle damaged armor.

As ScreenRant explains:

This may seem a little coincidental, but it’s worth remembering the Marshal had never heard of an abandoned sarlacc pit before. That suggests it’s actually quite unusual for even a greater krayt to prey upon a sarlacc. The most likely scenario is that the greater krayt attacked a sarlacc that was already wounded and, therefore, unable to defend itself. In this scenario, the krayt dragon finished the sarlacc off before it had really begun to digest Boba Fett, and the bounty hunter himself then escaped – albeit most likely not unscathed. The krayt would have been busy feasting on the sarlacc for quite some time, meaning it may not even have noticed Boba Fett getting away, and the Jawas then risked everything in slipping into the sarlacc pit to obtain what they could.

Of course, it was previously established in Star Wars mythology that Sarlaccs eat their prey whole and digest them over a long period, so Boba Fett may have been in there for quite some time before the Krayt Dragon inadvertently saved his life, which would also explain his more scarred appearance when he returned in The Mandalorian.