The Mandalorian Season 2 Could Depict The Rise Of The Mandalorians


To say that Star Wars fans are always at odds with new releases in the franchise would be an understatement, but the first season of The Mandalorian on Disney’s streaming platform has proven to be an exception to the rule.

Created by Jon Favreau and set after Return of the Jedi, the new series tells the tale of a lonesome Mandalorian bounty hunter who gets trapped in a struggle with the remnants of the Empire after he accepts a job to bring in a highly-valued asset, a child in the same species as Grand Master Yoda.

While this premise falls short of the epic scale found in the main saga of films, The Mandalorian quickly won fans over and became the least divisive property in that galaxy far, far away. As such, the show could go on for many years and dive deeper into the lore of the titular Mandalorians. In fact, a new theory from the Reddit community points out that several hints throughout the first season suggest that the Mandalorians will rise to power again.

For instance, the show confirmed that there are still several clans left from the days of the Purge, but they’ve mostly kept themselves under the radar. Furthermore, the Death Watch is still active in the post-Imperial era, and they were the ones who saved the young Din Djarin from certain doom. So, it’s completely possible for the series to show more of the Mandalorians and their efforts to rise from the shadows and reclaim their previous seat in the galaxy.

The theory also points out that Djarin’s true purpose might not be to save Baby Yoda but to unite the Mandalorians against their enemies. After all, Star Wars is all about embracing one’s destiny and changing the world.

“Knowing how Star Wars is addicted to giving every single titular character a grand destiny, maybe we could see Din Djarin unify the Old Mandalorian clans and restore their ancient empire? New canon likes to bring old canon pieces back but usually as analogues, so maybe Din Djarin could be the canon analogue to ‘Boba Fett becomes Mand’alor’ story. I could definitely see him being the Mandalorian leader in the Sequels era.”

It’s certainly an interesting thought, but until The Mandalorian returns with a new season in 2020, all of this is mere speculation. Also, Djarin is currently busy taking care of a certain Baby Yoda, so it’ll be long before we see him in the role of a leader for other members of his tribe.

Source: EpicStream