The Mandalorian Set Photo Offers First Look At A Speeder


Even by Disney standards, official details on The Mandalorian are in short supply, but with each new set photo, we’re slowly starting to piece together a picture of the kind of world that the first live-action Star Wars series will occupy.

Just take this latest pic for example, which comes courtesy of and seems to offer a glimpse of a staple mode of transport for any desert planet in this galaxy: the speeder. Granted, we’re only getting a partly obscured and rather blurry view of this structure from the Southern California set, but you can see why fans are already identifying the indents at the back of the long-flat structure to be the vehicle’s thrusters.

Of course, this model isn’t the only familiar object that Jon Favreau’s upcoming series will be including. The writer himself recently posted an image of a rifle wielded by the show’s lead that fans quickly traced back to a weapon used by Boba Fett in The Star Wars Holiday Special. At the same time, Favreau uploaded a photo of a bucket-like object that’s been widely compared to the “ice cream maker” prop carried by Willrow Hood in The Empire Strikes Back. On the unofficial end of things, leaked photos have also given us our first ever look at Imperial Stormtroopers in the post-Return of the Jedi era, while another batch of images shows a frog-like alien baring its teeth on the set.

But for all this material, it sure would be nice if Lucasfilm shared with us some info on the cast and the plot of the show. As it stands, we still haven’t been told who’ll be wearing the Fett-style helmet in the title role of The Mandalorian, but with Boba’s own film recently scrapped, it looks like Disney has a lot of time and energy to spare for this somewhat mysterious project.