Manu Bennett Reprising Deathstroke Role In Arrow Season 5


Since its stellar second season, Arrow has struggled to top Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson/Deathstroke when it comes to its season-long big bads. Neither Ra’s al Ghul nor Damien Darhk managed to be more compelling than the villain, and while Prometheus has been excellent so far, it’s fair to say that Deathstroke still remains the benchmark for the series.

Bennett briefly reprised the role in season 3 during an unimpressive episode which saw the villain humiliated by Oliver Queen and his sister Thea and the actor hasn’t hesitated to criticize both that appearance and Arrow as a whole ever since. As a result, most fans assumed we’d never get to see him in the series again, especially when a stand-in who was never unmasked or spoke was used in the 100th episode.

Well, things have taken an interesting turn today, as Stephen Amell has taken to Twitter to confirm that Bennett is going to reprise the role in the near future. Speculation says he’s referring to the finale and that Deathstroke will help the Green Arrow take down Prometheus, but it’s possible he could return in season 6, instead.

After all, four years will have passed since we last saw him on an extended basis and it would be interesting to see what the now de-powered bad guy would do to take on Oliver and his team. If nothing else, it’d be nice to have him as a recurring presence in Arrow moving forward, but we’re just going to have to wait and see how he factors into things.

For now, check out the Tweet below and let us know what your thoughts are.