Marina Sirtis Says She’d Love To Do A Gargoyles Revival


Gargoyles was a Disney animation way ahead of its time. With its relatively dark tone, complex storylines and Shakespearean themes, the ’90s TV series had more substance than you might realize and it’s managed to maintain a cult fanbase despite being cancelled more than two decades ago.

For fans of the show, getting a Gargoyles fix is now easier than ever as all three seasons have been made available to stream on Disney+, but no doubt what the diehards would like more than anything is some brand new episodes, however unlikely that might sound. Still, a series revival might yet become a reality since one of its leading voice actors has admitted that she would jump at the chance to revisit the animation.

Marina Sirtis, who voiced antagonist Demona on the show, told that she would love to portray the supernatural villain again, saying:

“Now that it is back on [Disney+] and the youngsters are finding it again, Gargoyles is getting really popular. I have to be honest, I would love to resuscitate Demona.”

This is hardly the first time a Gargoyles revival has been suggested, of course. In the summer of 2011, the screenwriters behind G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra were said to have been hired to pen a script for a movie adaptation of the show, and more recently, it was reported that Get Out director Jordan Peele pitched a Gargoyles film to Disney. It doesn’t look like the Mouse House was keen on his idea, but rumors of a live-action reboot continue to circulate.

Gargoylesof course, didn’t die with the TV show’s discontinuation. It lived on in video games and several comic book series, including one published by Marvel in the mid-90s. The program’s popularity has endured over the years and who knows, if it wracks up impressive viewing figures on Disney+ and key cast members like Sirtis continue to push for a revival, a belated fourth season might just become a reality.