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Mark Hamill shoots down one of the dumbest ‘Mandalorian’ fan theories

Luke Skywalker addresses the return of a Jedi.

Credit: Lucasfilm

The return of Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian season 2 finale still remains the best Star Wars moment since Disney took over the franchise in 2012, but some fans remain unconvinced that Mark Hamill himself portrayed the character, albeit digitally de-aged using deepfake technology. Well, the actor himself is here to slap those faces with the ultimate proof, so you’d better start taking him seriously before he starts to channel some of that like-father-like-son energy like he did with Kylo Ren.

Hamill, who is the internet’s greatest digital dad and maintains an active presence on social media, decided to put those rumors down once and for all by retweeting a photo of himself on the Mandalorian set.

“This is for those who claimed the character was accomplished exclusively with CGI, without my participation,” he wrote.

Hamill returned to portray Luke for The Book of Boba Fett as well, so for those of you who hated The Last Jedi for the way it mishandled the protagonist’s character arc, the fact that Lucasfilm is still willing to contract Hamill, and he is willing to show up for it, can be a bit of a consolation prize.

It’s unclear if the Mouse House will resurrect the character for future outings as well, but with the company perfecting their de-aging technology with every iteration, Luke’s return — or the return of any legacy character, for that matter — isn’t as unlikely as it used to be.

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