Mark Ruffalo Welcomes She-Hulk Into The MCU Family


She-Hulk is coming to the MCU, as Marvel announced three new Disney Plus shows at D23 on Saturday, with Moon Knight, Ms Marvel and She-Hulk all on the way. Unlike the previous two though, the third is obviously connected to a pre-existing hero in the franchise. In fact, Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters are actually cousins.

And now, Bruce has taken to Twitter to welcome his cuz into the Marvel Studios family. Mark Ruffalo broke his social media silence on the news today with a short message that fans went crazy for.

So, can we take Ruffalo extending a green hand in welcome to his character’s cousin as a hint that he’ll be appearing in the show? Well, when We Got This Covered first heard rumblings of She-Hulk series back in April, our intel pointed to the actor reprising Bruce Banner. This only makes sense, too, considering Bruce’s familial connection to Jennifer and that he’s a major part of her origins story in the comics.

What’s more, it sounds like She-Hulk will dig into the Hulk mythology that the MCU has set up so far and go some way to tying up loose ends. Recently, we’ve heard that Abomination and the Leader will return in the Disney Plus show, for the first time since they debuted in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. What’s more, it’s possible General Ross could finally become Red Hulk, too. Though he’s not been established in the franchise, MODOK may also make his MCU debut in the show.

The most important thing, though, is She-Hulk herself. We’ve yet to find out who Marvel’s hoping to play the part, but obviously fans are already putting forward their own picks for the role. Interestingly, Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz has become a firm favorite. We’ll have to see if she ends up landing the gig, but for now, let us know your hopes for the She-Hulk show in the comments section below.