Marvel Announces Moon Knight TV Show For Disney Plus

Moon Knight

Like Captain America’s super strength or Iron Man’s smarts, Marvel Studios has the incredible ability to take even the most obscure comic book characters and make them pop culture icons. Let’s not forget that folks like Drax the Destroyer, the Winter Soldier and Thanos were relatively unknown outside of comic shops before they appeared in the MCU.

Now, it seems like Kevin Feige and co. are hoping to give the same treatment to Moon Knight, one of the darker heroes from the comics. If you’ll recall, WGTC was the first outlet to bring you news of a project for the character when we reported on it a few weeks ago and now, it’s been confirmed. Moon Knight is coming to the MCU and he’ll be getting his own Disney Plus TV show.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the logo down below, which was revealed this evening at D23:

For those unfamiliar with Moon Knight, his real name’s Marc Spector, a “Chicago-born mercenary with multiple personalities who turns into the human embodiment of the Eygptian God Khonshu, donning a silver cloak to fight crime in the darkness of night.” Fans have been calling for him to make the leap to live-action for many, many years now and while a movie may’ve been better, we’ll take what we can get.

Unfortunately, no further details were revealed on the project at D23, but now that it’s been confirmed, hopefully we’ll learn more soon. Of course, the one thing everyone’s probably wondering is who may star as the titular hero. There’s no word on that just yet, but here’s a suggestion.

Ross Marquand, a lifelong Marvel fan, has previously thrown his name in the ring to play the character. Sure, The Walking Dead star might’ve already featured as Red Skull in the Avengers movies, but Gemma Chan’s hiring for The Eternals (after being in Captain Marvel) shows us that MCU actors can play more than one role. As such, Marquand may not be a bad idea for Moon Knight, but as soon as we hear something official on the casting front, we’ll let you know.