Moon Knight Movie Reportedly In Development, Jewish Actor Being Eyed To Star

Moon Knight

One Marvel comics hero that fans have been wanting to see in the MCU for the longest time is Moon Knight. He’s never been one of the company’s biggest icons, but Marvel Studios have proven themselves adept at taking even the most previously obscure characters and turning them into worldwide sensations. A lot of people think that Marc Spector deserves the same treatment, but so far, Marvel haven’t brought him to the big screen.

This could be about to change soon, though, as the studio is reportedly developing a Moon Knight movie at last. We Got This Covered has heard from a source – the same one who told us that Taskmaster will be the villain in Black Widow, that the Endgame re-release post-credits scene would feature the Hulk, and that the real Mandarin will appear in Shang-Chi, all of which were later confirmed – that a live-action project starring the nocturnal crusader is in the very early stages of development.

As such, it will likely be a while before it’s officially confirmed and its existence will probably be denied by Kevin Feige (as he so often does with unannounced films) until the studio’s ready to formally reveal it. Apparently, it could potentially end up as a TV show, likely on Disney Plus, but our source says Marvel wants it to be a movie and are hoping to head down that route with it. We’re also told that they’re trying to get a Jewish actor to portray the hero.

From this, we can gather that the studio wants to stick closely to Moon Knight’s backstory in the comics. For those who don’t know, Spector is Jewish-American in the source material and is the wayward son of a Rabbi. Fans have often hoped that the comics would address his heritage a little bit more, as it’s usually overlooked, and it seems Marvel’s keen to correct that in the MCU.

We’ve no idea which talent, if any at this time, the studio may be considering, but here’s one suggestion. Ross Marquand, a self-confessed Marvel addict, has previously thrown his name in the ring to play the character. Sure, The Walking Dead star has already appeared as Red Skull in the Avengers movies, but Gemma Chan’s hiring for The Eternals (after being in Captain Marvel) shows that this shouldn’t cause a problem.

Tell us, though, are you excited for a Moon Knight movie? And who would you like to see play the character? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.