Marvel Confirms That Iron Fist Is Still “Being Worked On”

Iron Fist

Despite seeing huge success with both Daredevil and now Jessica Jones, there were rumors recently that Marvel was having trouble with Iron Fist. As one of their four Netflix series, word on the street was that the studio couldn’t quite crack it, and were actually thinking about cancelling it outright at one point.

While development on the show has certainly been quiet, Marvel’s CCO, Joe Quesada, has now set the record straight, revealing in a recent interview with IGN that Iron Fist is still “being worked on.” Of course, that’s not exactly the most encouraging statement, but at least it means that the series hasn’t been nixed.

Whether or not we’ll be seeing it anytime soon is another question entirely, but if Marvel is indeed still working on it, hopefully we’ll get some more concrete developments in the not too distant future. At the very least, it’d be nice to hear about some sort of casting shortlist.


Further in the interview, Quesada touched on the eventual team-up series, The Defenders, explaining the concept behind it and why it feels “wholly natural” to this world:

“You have to understand, to the world at large, nobody knows who The Defenders are. So to take the concept, the name and the theme and apply it to this world feels wholly natural. Even when you look at the origins of the team and how the original book came together, it was just another super hero team that wasn’t the Avengers. We have a wonderful, concept behind why they’re this group and why they’re called The Defenders in this particular world.”

We’d heard earlier in the year that Iron Fist would first appear in next year’s Luke Cage, and if Quesada’s comments are true, then that will likely still happen. And, if it does, I’d expect to get some casting announcements in early 2016.

We’ll of course keep you posted on any further news pertaining to Iron Fist as it becomes available, but in the meantime, I think it’s time we all turn our attention to Jessica Jones, which hits Netflix tomorrow and is being lauded as one of Marvel’s most impressive efforts yet.