Marvel Fans Call Out Netflix For The Punisher Cancellation Plans


Back in October, the axe fell on Iron Fist and Luke Cage in quick succession, but in the cancellation-free month that followed, many fans were able to convince themselves that we weren’t witnessing the start of a larger trend, with the third season of Daredevil coming out to a strong response. Sadly, that all changed when the announcement came in late November that even Matt Murdock was going the way of his fellow Defenders, and as the second season of The Punisher approaches, the internet is bracing itself for more bad news.

At the moment, Frank Castle’s show is just one of two Marvel/Netflix series with new episodes lined up, the other being Jessica Jones, and while the platform may be holding off on a cancellation announcement until after this new season has reached its audience, the fans aren’t about to get lulled into a false sense of security. In fact, after the new teaser for the show came out earlier today, many users took to Twitter to call out Netflix on their alleged intentions to axe the series:

Some fans, however, took a different tone in their tweets, accepting that Season 2 of The Punisher will likely be the last and feeling pretty pumped for this apparent final stretch:

Indeed, in an era where it feels like every franchise is obligated to keep going until all the magic is gone, there are certainly worse things than a show that leaves its fans wanting more. Nonetheless, the second season of The Punisher could prove to be a bittersweet watch when it comes to Netflix on January 18th. And if the platform is still feeling as cancel-happy as many of us suspect, then you can expect the online drama to be all the greater when the third season of Jessica Jones arrives later in the year.

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