Marvel fans can’t believe how bad She-Hulk looks compared to Gamora

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Marvel fans have been super-hyped for the MCU’s latest superheroine to make her franchise debut in She-Hulk, which will see Bruce Banner’s titular cousin smash onto screens. Well, with the Disney Plus show’s release date leaking out earlier this week, Marvel went ahead and revealed a teaser trailer for the show yesterday, thereby unleashing our first proper look at Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters. And, uh, fans aren’t really feeling it.

Yes, many are suffering from crushing disappointment at the She-Hulk design. Much like in the comics, it looks like the character will choose to remain in her green form — unfortunately, folks are wishing she’d stick to her human self so we don’t have to look at the uncanny CGI used to bring Shulkie to life. As Marvel Studios has previously offered up stellar VFX, it’s obvious why fans are bothered by She-Hulk’s appearance, especially when compared to past MCU characters.

In the wake of the trailer, fans are all saying the same thing on social media: Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, who is created with good old-fashioned makeup and practical effects, looks a whole lot better.

Some are busy crediting James Gunn and the Guardians of the Galaxy makeup team for creating the perfect Gamora.

Some are lamenting the noticeable decline in Marvel Studios’ ability in fine-tuning its characters’ appearances.

Obviously, a big part of the problem could be that the CGI for Jennifer Walter isn’t actually finished yet and the work was rushed out for this teaser trailer. If that’s the case then Marvel seriously needs to give its VFX artists the time and space they deserve to do their jobs right.

This is far from the first time the internet has freaked out over our first look at a CGI character in a trailer — the unsettling original design for Sonic the Hedgehog is the prime example. In most of those cases, though, the flaws were fixed by the time the final product rolled out so we can hope that’s what’s going to happen here, too.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres on August 17 on Disney Plus.

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