Marvel Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Party Thor In This Week’s What If…?

The latest episode of Disney Plus show What If…?, “What if… Thor Was an Only Child?” follows the idea that Odin never kept baby Loki and returned him to his native Jotunheim. So, Thor grows up believing he is an only child, because as far as we know, Hela is still around, she just hasn’t made her grand entrance yet.

What’s amazing about this episode, though, is that the entire conflict is based on the fact that this version of Thor grew into a bad-boy party animal and decides to throw a rager on Earth for all the different realms and planets. He still meets Jane and Darcy, the latter of which ends up marrying Howard the Duck, and Jane still falls for Thor even though he’s now the equivalent of a frat boy.

Many fans took to Twitter with their reactions to the new episode, and through all of the mixed reviews, one thing was certain; Everyone loves Party Thor! Who wouldn’t? It’s like Thor from the first movie times a thousand and the laughs from him alone were enough for him to become a fan-favorite.

Some fans even claimed Party Thor was better than the original, which comes as a shock considering Thor has always been a favorite. After all, with Thor: Love and Thunder coming out, that makes Thor the hero with the largest solo franchise.

Overall though, the reactions were positive, with some fans even putting this episode at the top of their What If…? episode list!

The Party Thor episode didn’t just give us a different version of the Avenger, however. We also got a look into other favorite characters such as Captain Marvel, Nebula and, of course, Frost Giant Loki. There were many familiar faces present as a homage to fans, and it felt pretty awesome to see everyone just having fun!

As I said, there were plenty of mixed reviews to the episode and to Party Thor in general, so what did you think? Was it a good episode? Did Party Thor put the original to shame? Let us know below!