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Marvel fans declare ‘Daredevil’ at its worst is better than any of the Disney Plus shows

The devil's in the details.

Charlie Cox in character as Daredevil, his face in semi-profile
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Moon Knight‘s six-episode initial run has now concluded and, rather than dive headfirst into speculative territory as to what Marvel has planned for the character going forward (we still don’t know if Oscar Isaac will don the suit again), some fans have bigger fish to fry. Namely, making sure the world knows that Daredevil still stands head and shoulders above anything the Mouse House has produced.

The three-season exploration of Matt Murdock’s double life is largely considered to be the best of the bunch when compared to the suite of Netflix-era Marvel TV, and according to the latest discourse on Twitter, even Kevin Feige can’t quite manage to top it.

Interestingly, the heated discussion this time appears to have been prompted by Moon Knight which, apparently, doesn’t deserve the honor of being mentioned in the same breath as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Even at its worst, Daredevil still trumps anything rolled out by Disney, according to some.

To be fair, Ms. Marvel has yet to release. Who knows? Perhaps opinions will change, once Kamala Khan enters the MCU.

Questioning Kevin Feige’s commitment? Bold.

Like comparing apples to oranges. Sorta?

What could have been.

There are, of course, plenty of differing opinions on the matter, including those stressing that every show should be appreciated on its own merits (fancy that) rather than be endlessly compared with each other.

While it no doubt has belief in its ability to deliver content that superhero fans will eagerly devour, Marvel clearly knows just how dearly the masses adore Cox’s version of Mr. Murdock. The character made a brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin had an integral role in last year’s Hawkeye.

Where will the pair go from here? The future has yet to be written.

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