Marvel Fans Launch Petition To Save Iron Fist


On Friday night, Marvel and Netflix dropped the bombshell that they decided to axe Iron Fist, meaning the recent second season of the show will also be its last. It was a shocking announcement for a few reasons, but most of all because season 2 was a huge improvement over the first and it seems like a shot in the foot to cancel it now.

So, how did Marvel fans react to the adventures of Danny Rand – the immortal Iron Fist, the protector of K’un-Lun, sworn enemy of the Hand – being scrapped? Well, it’s fair to say there were some mixed responses on social media, and unsurprisingly, a petition has now sprung up to save the show.

Started over on, it currently sits at 4,200 signatures, and here’s what it puts forth:

“Netflix has made a terrible decision in canceling Iron Fist after 2 seasons. There are many fans of the character and the series and most people said that the second season was excellent. I think it’s unfair that Luke Cage, Jessica Jones andDaredevil get a third season and their shows get mixed reviews too yet Iron Fist gets the shaft. There is so much more potential and stories to be told and it’s not great fan service to end the last season on a cliffhanger and not go along with it especially when the second season was more well received with critics and fans. So Netflix and Marvel please revise your decision and greenlight a third season for Iron Fist.”

To be fair, though Iron Fist is hardly the best thing Marvel has ever produced, this petition does make some valid points and as we said above, the recent second season was a lot better than the first. It concluded on a multi-strand cliffhanger as well, so that’s also something that Marvel has to deal with now.

For one, Colleen Wing had been granted the powers of the Iron Fist and is now doing Danny’s old job of protecting the streets of Chinatown. Not only that, but in the final stinger, it was also revealed that Danny had got his powers back during his adventures in Asia and is now wielding chi-charged guns.

There was more than enough material there for another season of Iron Fist, so perhaps this petition will do the trick? Even if it doesn’t, though, at least we know that there’s more of Danny Rand to come, as Marvel’s already confirmed that he’ll be appearing in other MCU shows at some point. A Heroes for Hire spinoff, anyone?

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