Marvel Fans Freaking Out Over Hawkeye Show Being Delayed Indefinitely


Reports that the MCU’s Hawkeye TV show has been delayed indefinitely have prompted a mixed response from Marvel fans on social media.

Though Clint Barton’s Disney Plus series was previously expected to premiere in 2021, popular scoopster Charles Murphy relayed intel this weekend saying that the show has been removed from this year’s production schedule. Naturally, the internet has its opinions on the matter, and while some fans are hoping that the delay could help secure Hailee Steinfeld for the role of Kate Bishop, others would apparently be happy to see the series scrapped completely:


According to recent reports, the delay of Hawkeye could allow Steinfeld to fit the show into her schedule, having already been in talks for the role of Kate Bishop. At the same time, it’s been speculated that production may have been pushed to a later date to account for changes in Marvel’s future plans for the MCU.

Of course, another element that might well have factored into the delay is the current controversy surrounding Jeremy Renner due to abuse allegations that emerged against the star last year. According to MCU Cosmic, Marvel is unlikely to remove the Hawkeye actor from the project, but may have delayed the series in the hope that the controversy will have died down before the show’s premiere.

In any case, there’s currently little reason to believe that the Hawkeye series won’t happen somewhere down the line, but in the meantime, Marvel has plenty more in the pipeline to keep the fans busy. Reports indicate, for example, that the Ms. Marvel TV show is set to begin production this April, while casting may have already begun for Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

Before any of those projects see the light of day, however, the MCU’s Phase 4 kicks off with the release of Black Widow on May 1st.