Marvel Fans Upset Actor Did Not Return As A Villain In Latest Episode Of What If…?

What If Ultron

The latest episode of Marvel’s What If…? has proven to be one chock-full of hidden references, from Captain America taking on an unexpected new job to a subtle Fantastic Four visual nod, however, one thing fans have been clamoring for the most is not present: the original voice actor of an iconic Avengers villain.

The episode, entitled What If… Ultron Won? revolves around, well, Ultron winning. The Avengers 2 villain, now still merged with do-gooder alter ego android Vision, sees a disturbing rise to power as he dons an Infinity-Stone-bedazzled set of armor, challenging the very narrator of the series, The Watcher, in battle.

As pointed out by ComicBook, many fans were distraught at the fact that the original actor for Ultron, James Spader, did not return for the role in a TV show that is full of movie stars reprising their super hero roles. Despite stars such as Jeremy Renner and Benedict Cumberbatch reprising their roles as Hawkeye and Doctor Strange respectively, Ultron is voiced by The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand. While Marquand is certainly a formidable actor, Spader’s signature coy and mischievous vocal tone proved to be one sorely missed by fans.

One fan said they thought Ultron’s ominous presence was not as impactful without Spader giving life to the character.

Another user doesn’t mince words, calling the Blacklist actor’s replacement a “cheap copy,” with others saying the voice changed served only as a distraction in an otherwise great adventure.

The change up didn’t bother everyone though, as clearly some thought the episode still held up despite its set backs.

As many users have pointed out, it’s Spader’s unique sarcastic yet maniacal speech patterns and tone that really sold the character’s villainy initially.

You can catch episode eight of Marvel’s What If…? on Disney Plus now.