The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Is Reportedly A Complete Disaster


The mix of people who gather for San Diego’s annual Comic-Con’s truly astonishing. Between the thousands of costumed fans and buckets of dazzling celebrities walking around, you never know who you could land a conversation with.

Well, luckily for Cosmic Book News reporter Matt McGloin, he happened to bump into a couple of people connected to Marvel Studios who’re working on the company’s onslaught of upcoming TV series; one of which includes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

And unfortunately, the news isn’t stellar.

The highly-anticipated series, set to debut on Disney Plus in Fall 2020, will give audiences their first look at Sam Wilson’s new role as Captain America in the MCU, as well as his relationship with Bucky Barnes following Steve Rogers’ departure from the hero scene. And according to McGloin’s insiders, writing through these situations seems to be too difficult of a task. At least the first time around.

It seems that the initial script for the series was “a complete disaster,” though details as to why were not specified. Marvel was also apparently closing in on panic mode when the ideas were pitched, but are now working to patch some things up and get them right before shooting begins.

Obviously, no one likes hearing that any Marvel script could be rubbish. Given the fantastic run of films they’ve put out since Thor: The Dark World (arguably their worst picture), it’s seemed like the studio’s really gotten a grasp of what they have to do.

But it’s not uncommon for any piece of writing to go through a series of revisions before they hit the big, or in this case, the small screen. And The Falcon and the Winter Solider doesn’t appear to be the exception.