Marvel Says We’ll Have Iron Fist News Very Shortly

Iron Fist

Earlier this week, Marvel confirmed that, despite rumors to the contrary, they’re still planning to bring us Iron Fist, one of their planned Netflix series that was said to be scrapped a few months ago. We really haven’t heard anything at all about it in some time and word on the street was that the studio just couldn’t crack it.

Well, we now know that that isn’t the case, and Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb has re-confirmed their plans for the show, telling us that nothing ever changed and it’s still being developed.

While speaking with CBR, Loeb said the following:

“There was a lot of speculation about what was going on with ‘Iron Fist,’ because [fans] hadn’t heard anything about it, but there’s never been any change at all.”

He was then asked if we should expect to hear some casting announcements in the near future, to which he replied:

“The short answer is, ‘Yes, there’ll be news.”

Finally, Loeb told CBR that the studio is excited about Iron Fist and that everything is going according to plan:

“We knew exactly what we were doing at Marvel and at Netflix. Let’s get [‘Jessica Jones’] out there, everybody knows that ‘Luke Cage’ is up and going. What I can say right now is we’re very excited about ‘Iron Fist.’”

Unfortunately, Loeb wouldn’t get into specifics, but the takeaway here is that Marvel is still hard at work on the series and that we will be getting some updates shortly. I don’t really think that we have anything to worry about, either. Daredevil was spectacular and those of you who’ve binge-watched Jessica Jones already, or read our review, will know that it’s even better.

The studio clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to these Netflix series and given what they’ve shown us so far, we’re absolutely giddy with anticipation to see what they’ve come up with for Iron Fist.