Has Marvel Quietly Cancelled Inhumans?


Inhumans has been doomed from the start, it seems.

Originally hatched as a big-budget addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, during which time the likes of Vin Diesel and other Hollywood stars were tipped to climb on board, the beleaguered project was later repackaged as an eight-part TV series, one which still retained its cinematic DNA through those much-hyped IMAX scenes.

Of course, the journey to the small screen wasn’t without problems of its own, after the first wave of Inhumans reviews deemed Marvel and ABC’s latest venture to be a “visual bust.” Those knee-jerk reactions began to surface soon after the show’s IMAX premiere, which took place in September, when Marvel rolled out the opening two episodes across participating theaters.

Following that, the show struggled to find much of an audience on television and not too long ago, we learned that it was most likely going to receive the axe. Granted, the studio hasn’t made an official announcement just yet, but even more evidence has surfaced today which leads us to believe that fans won’t be seeing a second season.

And that’s because ABC has removed Inhumans from their publicity press site. Again, we haven’t heard anything directly from them or Marvel on the matter, but this strongly suggests that the plug has been pulled on the show. Not that we’re surprised, mind you. Like we said above, it’s really been an uphill battle for the project almost since the word go and no one was really expecting it to last very long.

Still, it is disappointing as those who read comic books will know that Inhumans is a great property with a ton of potential. We can only hope that one day, the characters are able to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the big screen and get some sort of shot at redemption.