Marvel Rumored To Be Developing Rogue Solo Series


It’s going to be very interesting to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduces and integrates the X-Men into the established mythology, which could be Kevin Feige’s trickiest task yet. Of course, the franchise is reinventing several well-known comic book favorites in Phase Four and beyond, but none of them have the same sort of cultural cache and name value of the mutants.

The Fantastic Four have been the subjects of four movies with three different lineups, and the very best of them could be described as mediocre, so the bar for the MCU’s reboot was set fairly low to begin with. Meanwhile, we’re closing in on 20 years since Wesley Snipes last played Blade in 2004’s Trinity ahead of Mahershala Ali’s debut, but the X-Men are on an altogether different plane of success.

Thirteen movies across the span of two decades that earned in excess of $6 billion dollars and delivered several acclaimed efforts presents a challenge for the MCU, in terms of erasing any and all memories of the Fox saga with something brand new and even better. To that end, a new report from Giant Freakin Robot claims that solo shows for several fan favorite characters are in the works, with Rogue highlighted specifically.

That’s about the extent of the information on offer, so all we’ve really got to go in is an unverified rumor that the character is in line for what you’d imagine is the Disney Plus treatment. There’s movement happening on X-Men behind the scenes at Marvel Studios, we just don’t know what direction it’s heading yet, but combining film and television projects would at least fit the MCU’s remit for continued expansion on all fronts.