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Marvel Studios releases awesome ‘Moon Knight’ poster

Marvel Studios has followed up the Moon Knight trailer with an awesome new poster teasing bloody supernatural action.

Image via Marvel

Marvel Studios dropped the Moon Knight trailer last night, and the internet has gone bananas. The Disney Plus show looks like it’s going deep into Marvel’s horror aspects, playing out more like a dark psychological thriller than a traditional superhero adventure.

And, best of all, it’s coming soon on March 30th. To mark the unveiling of the show, Marvel Studios just released a new poster, showing Moon Knight clutching a bloodstained ancient Egyptian blade. Check it out:

The trailer indicates that we’ll open with Oscar Isaac’s character having lost his memory and working in London’s British Museum under the name Steven Grant. But a mysterious phone call draws him back to his lost older life as cloaked mercenary Marc Spector – aka Moon Knight.

Ethan Hawke also impresses as the relatively obscure villain Dr. Arthur Harrow. First introduced in 1985, Harrow was a top medical scientist researching pain therapy, whose reputation was ruined when his research was found to be copied from Nazi human experimentation in Auschwitz. After fading from the public eye, he continued in secret on unwilling human test subjects.

His portrayal here seems to be leaning towards a cult leader more than a scientist, but we’re certainly going to see some twists and turns as the show’s story develops. Here’s hoping we get some insight into the show soon, as Moon Knight will be a top-tier, high-budget, and star-studded MCU adventure.

Moon Knight will premiere on March 30.

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