Marvel TV Boss Still Hoping For Agent Carter Revival


Between the post-WWII setting and its close proximity to Captain America: The First Avenger – based on MCU continuity, at least – Agent Carter was always going to be a difficult series to sell.

This is, after all, a franchise with no shortage of high-profile TV shows, and one need only look to Marvel’s Netflix roster (read: Daredevil et. al) for evidence of that. Still, for two whole seasons, Agent Carter persevered, and even carved out a passionate fanbase to call its own.

It’s one that isn’t about to give up on Marvel’s retro drama, as evidenced by those petitioning ABC to replace Rossane with Agent Carter season 3. It’s a stretch, of course, but you can’t fault their enthusiasm, particularly when Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb has similarly high hopes for the future of Hayley Atwell’s super-stylish operative, who is known for her work within the Strategic Scientific Reserve – a precursor to the S.H.I.E.L.D. we know and love.

And so, when Loeb partook in a Reddit AMA (h/t, the executive told curious fans that it’s really a question of finding a new home for the dormant Agent Carter.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Find us a network! Hayley has been so kind of saying she’d love to come back.


In short? Don’t get your hopes up. At least, not yet, as Marvel’s bigwigs are still devoting their full attention to the ever-expanding Netflix portfolio, which looks set to welcome season 2 of Luke Cage into its midst later this month.

Also of note, during Jeph Loeb’s AMA, the TV boss was quizzed about Iron Fist and, in particular, whether we can expect to see Danny Rand in the famous yellow suit, to which he replied:

You’ll be very happy with Season 2 coming this year!

This year? Perhaps Iron Fist season 2 will cap off Netflix’s 2018 slate once Daredevil has its time in the sun? It’s too soon to tell, which is, sadly, something that can also be said about the fate of Agent Carter.