Secret Invasion TV Series Reportedly In The Works For Disney Plus


An exciting new rumor has arrived this evening pointing to not one but two new Marvel TV series being in the works. With the advent of Disney Plus and the effective dissolution of Marvel Television, Marvel Studios has a whole new outlet for MCU-related content, and Kevin Feige and co. are definitely aiming to make sure superhero fans signing up for the streaming service are getting their money’s worth.

Eight shows have already been announced to be on their way in the next few years and they’re making more all the time. And as per a new report from Bleeding Cool, we may now know the exact nature of one upcoming series and have an idea about another.

The site claims that the studio’s working on a small-screen adaptation of Secret InvasionYou’re probably familiar with the original comic event, as it’s been discussed a lot of late, but in case you’re not, the storyline revealed that Skrull agents had been infiltrating Earth for years, with many prominent superheroes turning out to be shape-shifting alien imposters.

According to BC, this Secret Invasion series has already been greenlit, alongside another show that we don’t have concrete details about yet. BC’s report was able to state, though, that it involves an A-list movie character in the lead. To give us an idea of who this mystery hero could be, Bleeding Cool say it’s someone closer to Loki’s status in the franchise than someone you might consider a secondary player, like Vision, for example.

There are too many characters out there in the MCU to speculate about the second show, so let’s consider a Secret Invasion series. Ever since we knew the Skrulls were coming in Captain Marvel, fans have been expecting a version of this story to make its way to screen. It could be telling that this news comes just a day after the announcement of Captain Marvel 2 as well. Perhaps there’ll be some narrative crossover between the two productions. It’s all connected in the Marvel universe, after all.