Marvel’s Disney Plus Halloween Special could be creating a practical werewolf

an american werewolf in london

Michael Giacchino may have recently been confirmed as the director after much speculation, but we still know next to nothing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s currently-untitled Disney Plus Halloween special, which is set to be at the very least heavily inspired by Werewolf By Night.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly will play the two lead roles, with production currently underway in Marvel’s usual domestic home base of Atlanta, but that’s about it. As a big budget streaming exclusive hailing from the most successful franchise in history, there was an expectation that the lycanthropic part of the equation would be created using CGI.

However, After Hours Media has done a little digging, and it seems as though the project could be leaning on good old fashioned practical effects to bring its hirsute horror to life. As per the report, multiple crew members involved in Halloween Horror Nights have inadvertently been revealing Werewolf by Night information on social media.

One such account posted a screenshot not too long ago about “a stunt performer who is in full werewolf makeup”, before mentioning in a reply that the costuming tests were due to him “working on a certain Halloween special for a certain streaming platform”, with The Witcher‘s seamless creation of Nivellen name-dropped as an inspiration.

While that’s admittedly far from a guarantee, it certainly sounds like the Halloween Horror Nights team (who have previous collaborating with Marvel) are up to something in regards to Werewolf By Night. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see, but everyone knows practical werewolves are always vastly superior to digital creations.

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