Marvel’s Hero For Hire Cleans Up The Streets Of Harlem In Luke Cage Photos

The gloves are firmly off (were they ever really on?) in this latest batch of images for Marvel’s Luke Cage, showcasing Mike Colter’s Hero for Hire cleaning up the streets of Harlem ahead of the show’s hotly-anticipated premiere on September 30.

First spotted by Agent of Marvel, these pics run the gamut, showcasing both our hulking hero in action, choking up thugs in broad daylight, and a shot of Mahershala Ali (House of Cards) as Cottonmouth, who will stand as one of the chief antagonists going into Luke Cage season 1.


Following up on its spectacular cover reveal, SFX has also dropped a pair of stills for Marvel’s imminent series (via CBM), all of which are included in the gallery above.

Joining Colter on the streets of Harlem are Simone Missick as Mercedes “Misty” Knight, Frank Whaley as Rafael Scarfe, Theo Rossi as Shades, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard and Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple who will, much like Jessica Jones and Daredevil before, play an integral role in tying these standalone series together.

Come September 30, Netflix will finally host the standalone debut of Luke Cage, with Colter et al. firmly believing that the time is nigh for a bulletproof black man. For those Marvelites on the hunt for continuity along with blink-and-you’ll-miss references, you’ll be pleased to note that Charlie Cox revealed recently that the inaugural season of Cage will contain some overlap with the finale of Daredevil season 2.