Has Marvel’s Inhumans Already Been Cancelled?


Things haven’t been looking good for Marvel’s latest TV offering, Inhumans. Though fans were initially ecstatic when it was revealed that the cancelled movie based on the Inhuman Royal Family was to become a TV series, they quickly grew a lot less impressed once the first footage of the show rolled out. The Marvel faithful turning their backs on the series then damaged the much anticipated IMAX run of the season premiere at the box office.

Now, a new bit of speculation might just put the nail in the lid of Inhumans‘ coffin for good. RenewCancel TV have noticed that the marketing for the upcoming release of the show refers to the “complete series” rather than the expected “first season.” The inference is that Marvel/ABC have already decided to pull the plug on the project, even before it’s managed to hit the small screen.

Of course, fans shouldn’t mourn/cheer (delete as applicable) just yet, as this is clearly far from confirmed. However, there’s not much ambiguity in that phrasing. It’s also worth remembering that Inhumans showrunner Scott Buck has already been removed from his previous – and just as critically-derided – Marvel series, Iron Fist.

The official line went that Buck was too busy to work on Iron Fist season 2 due to his commitments on Inhumans. While that could well be true, it might also be a white lie to keep things civil. With Buck’s latest effort suffering the same reception as his last one, Marvel might have decided to simply cut their losses this time rather than go to the trouble of hiring another showrunner.

If true, this would be a great shame, as Inhumans is a series with a lot of potential. It’s based off a decades’ old Marvel property we haven’t seen on screen before, and the franchise could have gone on – as was clearly the hope – to become the MCU’s version of the X-Men. Alas, it looks like it just wasn’t meant to be.